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Physical Model - Table Properties bugs

Not really a question, just reporting two bugs I found in Version

Apply button doesn't work.

  1. Open the Physical Model -> Tables -> table -> Properties panel
  2. Change the tablespace
  3. Click Apply
  4. Click Cancel
  5. Re-open the panel. Change was not applied.

Propagate Properties applies properties to temporary tables

  1. Open Physical Properties for a regular table that has a tablespace
  2. Click Propagate Properties
  3. In the top select "Tablespace"
  4. In the bottom select a Temporary table
  5. OK
  6. Open the Physical Properties for the Temporary table
  7. See a (grayed-out) Tablespace value
  8. This value is applied when Tools -> Compare/Merge models is used. (ALTER TABLE TEMP_TBL MOVE TABLESPACE NEW_TBLSPC)