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APEX 20.2 app authentication with Oracle Unified Directory (OUD)

reidster Member Posts: 213 Blue Ribbon

Hi All,

I need to setup an APEX 20.2 app with authentication to Oracle Unified Directory (OUD). I'm running into issues with the ldap authentication test, but I'm not able to get any assistance from oracle support (again).

I have a wallet setup for the APEX database and I am able to connect to the OUD server over ssl. The OUD admin has confirmed that APEX has connected and attempted to search OUD for the username/pwd. However, the search that is performed is as though APEX is searching the OUD ED directory for a SAM account name (an Active Directory attribute).

Does anyone have any notes or blog posts that they are able to share about setting up this kind of authentication integration with APEX?

Many Thanks,


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