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Is OLAP best for OBIEE Data Warehousing?

User_64ARV Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

First question in this community, hope no rules are being violated.

We have been using simple date warehouse for banking, that loads bulk data every night while the system is off, and connected to Obiee via Administration tool. It is working fine till now.

Recently, we have been discussing about moving to OLAP for our Data Warehouse since by definition it seems OLAP is most suitable for data retrieving even though it requeires one more step to develop dimensions and measure facts in Analytics Workspace. And some sources say that queiries will take more time to return results when OLAP is used. If there are some developers who switched from usual dwh development to implementing OLAP in it, do you recommend it?

(This question is posted on Stackoverflow too, but I thought I'll get more feedback here)

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