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How to Create and Use Tags in an Apex Form

SteveQuinlivan Member Posts: 47 Red Ribbon
edited Apr 21, 2021 10:16AM in APEX Discussions


I have a question regarding how to create and use tags in Apex.

I have a form for feedback, and would like to add the ability for people to add tags.

I would love this to look and work similar to how we ask a question on this forum

Can anyone explain how this can be done? How do i store the data? (i have an sql table behind the form), how do i build it in the apex form? Is the list of tag pre determined or can users add to it?

Many thanks for you help



Best Answer

  • Scott Wesley
    Scott Wesley Member Posts: 6,127 Gold Crown
    Accepted Answer

    The native Popup Lov facilitates multi-value selection (from 19.x), or the Select2 plugin can do the same. This would be from a known set of values.

    They will store the values in a delimited string for that field, which you than then use apex_string.split to break it up as necessary.

    If you need to dynamically add tags, then you may consider the United Codes List Extension plugin