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How much does Oracle Forms & Report COST for Oracle shops?

SebaVasta Member Posts: 29 Red Ribbon

I am very curious about this. Because since all known development tools like Java, Ruby, PhP are open-source (Even MS .Net development tools are open-source), meaning free, I am wondering how much purchase and support cost an Oracle shop has to dish out to create applications in Oracle Forms.

Suppose we have a Oracle shop with 10 Oracle Forms & Reports developers how much cost do we have to incur to develop applications in Forms & Reports. I mean the licensing and support cost for Forms/Report per year? Say for for Forms 11g or 12c or even an earlier version it does not matter. Does anybody have an idea?

I just like to know what the costs involved in using the Forms and Reports Builders when everybody else just use free development tools.

Additionally since we HAVE TO use an Oracle DB if we develop applications in Oracle Forms & Reports what is cost of a the entry level Oracle DB (I think it's SE or SE2) when it comes to licensing and support for say a 100 user group license (not named-user)? How much approximately (without any additional stuff like DB management tools) would it cost for the DB licensing & support for a year for the most entry level Oracle DB version?


  • Sylvain Martel
    Sylvain Martel Member Posts: 661 Bronze Trophy

    Hello Seba,

    I'm not an expert in database licensing but I believe that if you are comparing other development tools with what Oracle offers, you should talk about APEX and not necessarily Forms. APEX is a no-cost option of the database, meaning that when you buy the database license you can develop web applications with APEX for an unlimited number of users.

    Nowadays the trend is to choose cloud options like Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, Oracle APEX Cloud Service or a database as a PaaS. These are all subscription based and the value proposition is quite interesting.

    Just so you know!

  • SebaVasta
    SebaVasta Member Posts: 29 Red Ribbon

    Problem is there are 100s of Oracle shops that still need to develop there new modules using Forms. So they have no option but to user Oracle Forms.

    With Oracle DB still there is a huge licensing and support cost involved. Normally it will go to 100s of thousands of $ on the long run sometimes even going into the millions of $.

    Lot of organisations these days are using MySQL and PostgreSql community editions. These are totally free. Even certain banks use these open source community edition DBs.

    So why spend so much on Oracle when you have an option for FOSS products?

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