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Default directories in Create New Connection dialog

Is it currently possible to configure the extension to use the path defined in the TNS_ADMIN environment variable as the default directory for the "TNS Admin Location" field in the "Create New Connection" dialog?

Alternatively can we possibly enter the default locations for TNS and Wallet File Location in the settings.json file?


  • Yes there is!

    Go to the Setting for this extension and change Connection Configuration: Config Files Folder and Connection Configuration: Wallet Files Folder

    This modifies the following in settings.json:

      "oracledevtools.connectionConfiguration.configFilesFolder": "C:\\Users\\cshay.ORADEV\\Oracle\\network\\admin\\forumtest",

      "oracledevtools.connectionConfiguration.walletFileFolder": "C:\\Users\\cshay.ORADEV\\Oracle\\network\\admin\\forumtest"