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REST Data Source POST Operation

Sean Akers
Sean Akers Member Posts: 13 Blue Ribbon

Good morning APEX community. I am attempting to utilize the REST Data Source feature capabilities to retrieve data from a 3rd party API. The API specification requires the POST method with request body JSON object with dynamic values. I am able to produce the desired response from POSTman, and am looking to understand how to translate that into the REST Data Source configuration.

POSTman Screenshot:

REST Source Operation:

Test Results (Response Body). Note the empty "payload" array:

Any help in understanding the proper way to configure this type of REST Data Source would be greatly appreciated. We are running APEX 20.2 and ORDS 20.4 deployed to a Tomcat server, connected to a 12.1.02 database.





  • Sean Akers
    Sean Akers Member Posts: 13 Blue Ribbon

    Following up. After some continued tweaking I was able to successfully produce the desired results. I was missing the Content-Type request header parameter set to 'application/json'.

    Working REST Source Operation

    Working REST Source TEST parsed data results: