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How to make DFF element as Ready only dynamically

Bommi Member Posts: 705 Bronze Badge

Hi Team,

Please note we are using R12.2.3

We have enabled DFF on Purchase Requisition Header, where it contains 2 elements: Capital Approval# and Capital Approval Amount. Capital Approval# is based on Independent Valueset where that valueset also contains the amount.

Now, these 2 elements are optional to enter. Which means, in our case, if user selected Capital Approval#, automatically amount will be populated. Also, user can enter the amount manually. Up to here, it is good.

Now, our requirement is: If user provided Capital Approval#, we need to make amount as ready-only. If no Capital Approval# is entered by user, then system should allow them to enter Amount.

Can anyone please help me on how to achieve this.

Thanks in Advance,