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OCI VM linux 8 + webserver proxy to OCI ATP APEX not working


I have set up an ATP for APEX 20.2 in OCI. Apex is live can access it through the generated url.

Then I created a VM with Oracle Linux 8 and installed ngenx.

They i wanted to be able to use it as a proxy to the apex using my domain.

So let's say i have and the goal would be that if i type, then the cloud apex admin login would come up. Le't say the working apex url is

I uploaded the nginx and the config files, had to rename it from .cfg to be able to upload. The files are tested and nginx does not report any error.

The problem is that if I try to open then i get an 502 bad gateway.

Is there any restriction on the cloud apex access or i did something wrong?

I followed mostly the Dimitri Gielis but as that post is old, i assume something changed between the linux / apex version changes and now that is not working.

Any help is much appreciated!




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