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start FSAL as 32 Bit Version ?

Norbert.Hein Member Posts: 220 Bronze Badge
edited April 30 in Forms


Client Windows 10

we are in Upgrade Forms11.2 to

Our application works generally well under,

in APPLET - Mode as well as in FSAL

but we use a own old DLL,in WEBUTIL_C_API, this is in32 Bit, and this works well in APPLET Mode

but not within FSAL, because FSAL is running in 64 Bit.


yes , it can be solved with a 64 Bit Version of this DLL, but there are no sources no longer available


As a interim workaround : can FSAL start in 32 Bit to run in Webutil the 32 Bit - DLL's?


can WEBUTIL C_API run a 32 Bit DLL in a 64 Bit mode ?

regards & thanks


  • Billy Verreynne
    Billy Verreynne Member Posts: 28,173 Red Diamond

    #2 - are there 32bit executable with 32bit runtime installed for FSAL? (e.g. search for matching executable(s) and check properties).

    #3 - no, 32bit DLLs cannot be loaded by a 64bit process as the DLL uses that process's data segment (which will be 64bit).

  • Norbert.Hein
    Norbert.Hein Member Posts: 220 Bronze Badge

    #2 - just tested myself,

    start with java / x64 FSAL enviroment want to have the 64-Bit DLL,

    start with java / x86 FSAL enviroment takes the 32-Bit DLL,

    ok this 'workaround' is for this moment well

    #3 yes, 32bit cannot work with 64bit process, think about possibility to encapsulate 32 in 64 ....

  • Michael Ferrante-Oracle
    Michael Ferrante-Oracle Member Posts: 6,545 Employee


    FSAL (Forms Standalone Launcher) is a Java app. It can be run with 64 or 32 bit. What determines the arch is the Java installation you use and not FSAL. If you run with a 64bit Java installation then a 64bit JVM will be used. A 32bit Java installation, a 32bit JVM will be used.

    You said, "...this works well in APPLET Mode....". This suggests that you have a 32bit JRE installed on the machine. You can use the same JRE java.exe to run FSAL and your problem will have been solved. Alternatively, just download a 32bit Java distribution.

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