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Cannot find my always free database in my tenant - could anyone help please

Lukas Jelinek
Lukas Jelinek Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I cannot find my always free database in my tenant which I had created in 2019 and had been using it more than a year using my simple APEX application for management of the records. The last time I have logged in and used my database and application was in October 2020 (almost half year ago) and now after logging in the Oracle infrastructure account I can see nothing, no database, no aplication just empty tenant. It seems there is some inactivity restriction after which contents of compartment is being flushed. I had there quite important data I am sad to believe they are all lost. Is there any chance to get my database back, at least the tables records or anything? The lady at the Oracle support service told me this community forum is my only chance (as a free tier user)... Thanks a lot for any help. Lukas.


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