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Oracle 19c docker image very slow to startup/configure

beckyjmcd Member Posts: 9 Red Ribbon

I downloaded the Oracle 19c enterprise container from Oracle's container registry:,AI_REPOSITORY,AI_REPOSITORY_NAME,P4_REPOSITORY_NAME,P4_EULA_ID,P4_BUSINESS_AREA_ID:9,9,Oracle%20Database%20Enterprise%20Edition,Oracle%20Database%20Enterprise%20Edition,1,0&cs=3eBz1gZkm3MX_0p7QJOv3BIY_qox_qUQH1IBEOJh-37J7LhDe42BP3nbd7GtjvREwoLU7SpKRP-pCVRqgy55jzA

When I deploy the container to a Kubernetes cluster, it is taking ~17 minutes for the database to create/configure/initialize (i.e. ~17 minutes for the message "DATABASE IS READY TO USE!").

This significantly affects our CI/CD pipeline for running automated tests against the containerized oracle instance.

Is there anything that can be done to speed up the database initialization? Is this normal/expected?

What do other people do?


  • Billy Verreynne
    Billy Verreynne Software Engineer Member Posts: 28,591 Red Diamond

    It depends on how the database is created, e.g. via using existing datafiles, or creating the database from scratch.

    The slow part is creating meta data and installing PL/SQL code for the relevant enabled db options, and creating big file tablespaces of many TBs.

    Oracle is much more than just a bit bucket for persistent storage. It is also a high performance and flexible app layer. 99% of our apps runs wholly inside the database.

    Thus install & setup time is not only for creating a bunch of files, but also installing s/w into these files for enabling this app layer.