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Oracle Apex - HTTP ERROR 200 Service Unavailable behavior

Jasper Tanglib
Jasper Tanglib Member Posts: 69 Green Ribbon


In Oracle Apex 20.2, I have a dynamic PLSQL process I am testing in SQL Workshop > SQL Commands. It's about reading JSON data and executing multiple insert statements within a loop, so basically the code takes long to process. It takes so long to process that I had to click Page Unresponsive > Wait multiple times just to find out that I would get an error result. Please refer to below screenshots.

Page Unresponsive notice:

Error Result:

I also had this similar error in the past. There was an upload feature that was taking around 1.5hrs to process a file but after that the page just stopped and gave the error below:

The only difference between this error and the latter is the URI part. The former has a URI that ends with accept while the latter URI ends with show. But I think these errors are of the same essence.

Would anyone know what causes this type of behavior?

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated!