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Format mask in multirow block - on error Trigger fires multiple time

New Roots
New Roots Member Posts: 184 Blue Ribbon

Hi All,

I have a form level on error trigger . There is a multi row block which populated from a table. User can edit couple of number fields . In those fields we have format mask as 9999.

We have a menu item (save) in the form . it is calling a form level trigger to save the code in backend.

When user enters some decimal values in the number field and directly choose menu for save the data.. this time frm-40209 triggers multiple time and form is hanging. not sure how to avoid this.

Please suggest


  • Michael Ferrante-Oracle
    Michael Ferrante-Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager USMember Posts: 6,802 Employee

    You said:

    In those fields we have format mask as 9999. ... user enters some decimal values...

    If the format mask is 9999 (meaning NUMBER|NUMBER|NUMBER|NUMBER), you cannot insert a decimal point or any other character. The format mask you created only allows NUMBERS to be entered. So for example, this would be a bad value 9.999 because it includes a decimal point. If you want to include/allow decimal points you must include it in the format mask. Refer to the Builder Help for assistance. There are many examples on that page.