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Data is sometimes getting skipped in the table while inserting through POST API

Ankan Chanda
Ankan Chanda Member Posts: 32 Green Ribbon

Hi team,

As we have a table and some columns with data along side, am noticing that some of the rows with date and time, column data's are getting skipped. The data is being inserted through POST API which has been made using RESTful Services of APEX. There are about 300 rows of data but few of the rows of date column and time column are getting skipped, but the remaining columns are having all the values.

What could be the reason behind this missing of values during few intervals in the date and time column?

Please help.

Thanks and Regards




  • Richard Legge
    Richard Legge Member Posts: 506 Silver Badge

    What are the column types of date and time? Are they date columns or varchar2? If date, how are you doing the conversion for the incoming data for those columns?

    How is the data constructed on the POST? Is it JSON? if not, what else? Do you have an example of the JSON/other data where the insert is successful, and an example of the data where it didn't do an insert correctly?

  • Ankan Chanda
    Ankan Chanda Member Posts: 32 Green Ribbon

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your response. The datatypes I have taken, for date and time, is of varchar2. As the data is coming from digital assistant through POST API so there hasn't been a problem in inserting for the rest of the rows , but at times the date and time is getting skipped.

    When insertion is successful, it gives an HTTP response of status code 201, OK. As I have typed in pl/sql query for insertion , so I have written it down as status code:=201. And in the parameters section which is inside the Restful services in APEX, during binding variables, I have chosen the parameter datatype as STRING for date and time attributes. So during insertion, I copy, pasted the URL from the RESTful services and after pasting it inside POSTMAN I am wrote down the parameters needed for its insertion along with its values, and after hitting send it gives a successful response of 201, OK other than that there is no response recorded as it has not been configured. It will only show 201 OK after successful insertion.

  • Richard Legge
    Richard Legge Member Posts: 506 Silver Badge
    edited May 17, 2021 12:56PM

    So it is a single request per row? Or a batch of requests?

    Are there other columns on the row that is missing the date/time and are they being populated correctly?

    Is it repeatable? i.e. if you reinsert the same row, does it consistently not insert the date / time for that column..

    Do you have an example of the data?