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Oracle Data Miner functionality/ Machine Learning/ Data Mining

User_PUHRJ Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon
edited May 15, 2021 9:31AM in SQL Developer


im pretty new to this topic. And i am trying to understand how the Oracle Data miner in SQL Developer does work. Currently im working with the Oracle 19c Database which i have connected with my SQL Developer. So far so good. But im trying to figure out, how it is possible to do so many "Machine Learning" algorithms in SQL Developer. How does this work? Is this based on only PL/SQL are there Scripts somewhere? Because i've read if you use Oracle4R or Oracle4py there is an transparency Layer which translates R or Python Script to PL/SQL but how does this work. I couldn't find this Information in the documentations. What is really in the DBMS_DATA_MINING Package? Please don't blame me, how i said im really new in this topic.

Thank you Guys.



  • Your question is quite vague and also in the wrong space.

    If you're working with SQL Developer, then best post your question there:

  • Gianni Ceresa
    Gianni Ceresa Managing Director | Oracle ACE Director Member Posts: 6,345 Gold Crown
    edited May 14, 2021 1:23PM

    Oracle Data Miner just call and execute PL/SQL and SQL queries. Your database has the PL/SQL needed for ML directly, Oracle Data Miner just call them.

    All those algorithms depends on the version of your database (newer releases keep adding more algorithms), but they are all executed in the same way: 1 package procedure and the parameters define the algorithms and everything else.

    You probably already saw which gives a global overview of OML.

    There are a lot of resources about OML with Autonomous Database, often based on the ML notebooks there. Even those notebooks just execute PL/SQL procedures, nothing else. Follow one of those hands-on labs or watch some of the recorded video presentations about it to have a better view of things.

    OML4R and OML4Py do not just execute SQL & PL/SQL, because they actually do things in R and Python. For example AutoML is done in python, but it uses the DB as backend for executing the various algorithms etc.

    PS: if you want to post in the SQL Developer category, do not double-post, ask a MOD to move this thread there (if you can't move it yourself)

  • User_PUHRJ
    User_PUHRJ Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    First of all Thanks for these fast replies. I don't know how to move this post, but i will try to contact a MOD. Thanks Gianni Ceresa for this quick overview.