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Forms 14c & Reports?

dsscott Member Posts: 175 Blue Ribbon

In the Fusion Middleware Statement of Direction for April 2021 it mentions that Forms and Reports will be included in 14.1.2. Is this still Oracle Reports or some other reporting tool?

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  • Michael Ferrante-Oracle
    Michael Ferrante-Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager USMember Posts: 6,803 Employee

    There is only one "Oracle Reports". We are not planning any licensing changes for the coming release(s), so the "Forms and Reports" license should continue to include Forms Runtime, Reports Runtime, Analytics Publisher Runtime (for migrating from Oracle Reports).

    It is very important to understand however that Oracle Reports is a deprecated product. This means no new features are planned for it. Although some people believe it's ok to continue using it, keep in mind that if for example browsers stop supporting the HTML standard used by Reports, it is unlikely that any changes will be made to Reports and your ability to use that feature may end. Similar could be true of its PDF generation, and so on. Although these are just "what if" examples, it is important to understand that expecting to continuing to use Reports seemingly indefinitely may not be a good plan.

    Also more important to understand is that what you read in an SOD is just a representation of what is being "planned". Those plans could change between now and the time of the release, so use extreme care if you are making decisions based on them.

  • dsscott
    dsscott Member Posts: 175 Blue Ribbon
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    Thanks for the information.