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Oracle Apex Wrap/Auto Fit in all text that's entered to display in Interactive Grid column

Vinipanda Member Posts: 106 Red Ribbon

In the interactive grid i am using i need to wrap column/whatever text is put in, no matter how long , it needs to display all at once. i.e. the column cell should auto fit/adjust to the text and display accordingly.

I used <span style="white-space:nowrap;">#COLUMN_NAME#</span> from google, but it doesn't work. it just blocks the cell.

I need full display of content that's put in.

The column type is textarea.

Apex version is 20.2



  • Egyed József
    Egyed József Member Posts: 58 Bronze Badge

    You can control the display of the contents of the IG Textarea column with the settings in the Settings and Appearance property groups.

    The expression "<span style =" white-space: nowrap; "> # COLUMN_NAME # </span>" can be used to format HTML Expression type columns.