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Liquibase lb genobject -type apex

Agustin Conejos
Agustin Conejos Member Posts: 15 Green Ribbon

Hello i am using SQLcl: Release 21.1

On my windows machine..

 sql> lb genschema -split works like a charm..


sql> lb genobject -type apex -applicationid 1000 -skipExportDate -expOriginalIds -split

I get the error

Processing has failed for your request.

Illegal char <:> at index 41: C:\Users\Apps\repo\apex\/C:\Users\Apps\repo\apex\f1000/application/pages/page_00101.xml

My guess it bugs the path \ from windows.

Tried by running from the gitbash terminal and same error...


  • Agustin Conejos
    Agustin Conejos Member Posts: 15 Green Ribbon

    there are 2 issues .. one side is windows issue for // and \\ but the other is that the path is pasted twice

    in linux

    $ pwd


    SQLcl: Release 20.2 Production on Tue May 25 09:10:16 2021

    Connected to:

    Oracle Database 18c Enterprise Edition Release - Production


    SQL> lb genobject -type apex -applicationid 100 -skipExportDate -expOriginalIds -split

    Exporting application 100

     Completed at Tue May 25 09:10:26 CDT 2021

    Action successfully completed please review created file controller.xml

    $ cd dev/repo/

    $ ls


    $ pwd


    Created the path again and then extracted the applicationid