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Visual artifacts with the title bar of a JFrame with windows 10 / Scaling option

User_OMT1O Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I'm working with an application based on java swing and I faced some visual artifacts with the title bar of a basic JFrame if I use the display scaling option from Windows 10. I let the system controls the "Window System decorated" including the title bar Look & Feel because I don't want to customize this part.

For example, if I set 150% I have 2 issues:

issue1: garbage line

issue2: minimize, maximize and close buttons are blinking on mouse hover

My Setup/config:

Java Swing

Windows 10

Adopt open JDK 11

Enable "Override high DPI" option with System Enhanced

What I tried:

  • used a basic JFrame demo from the Oracle website, but the same issues
  • -No scaling i.e 100% the display is OK, no more problem.
  • -Uncheck the "Override high DPI" option and scaling of 150%, the display is OK, no more problem