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Question relative to optimisation

Stephane Baribeau
Stephane Baribeau Member Posts: 60 Blue Ribbon


I'm using PL/SQL to generate HTML. And currently, my code take 390sec to execute, someone told me to do something like a pointer in C/C++, but i'm unable to find the information how to do this.

I've do some test with cursor, but no success, I have loaded data in a table type to be more fast. but i really don't know how to simulate a pointer in PL/SQL to go directly the data i need based on value.

I have checked 3 dimensional array, same thing, i can't figure out how to manage this step.

Thanks for your help.



  • Paulzip
    Paulzip Member Posts: 8,494 Blue Diamond

    I've no idea what you've been advised and why. PL/SQL doesn't have explicit pointers, the closest thing to anything like that is passing parameters by reference in calls to functions / procedures.

    Your problem is akin to you saying "My car isn't running well, please tell me what's wrong with it". We have zero context as you haven't provided any information.

    Post some code. I suspect the way you construct the HTML is written extremely inefficiently and you're not using the correct approaches.