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Oracle 12.2 64bit Pro*C Random Exceptions when calling / executing SQLCA


I have some Pro*C code that is randomly failing when I try to make the sqlca call to execute the SQL statement.

Execution #1 fails on SQLCA call - Program Crashes

Execution #2 - the same call that failed in Execution #1 will return and the program continues.

Nothing was re-compiled between Execution #1 and Execution #2.

It's a fairly simple select getting user information with nothing crazy for the query statement.

I need to be able to track down why it will fail sometimes and not other times

Best Answer

  • User_EOL1Q
    User_EOL1Q Member Posts: 12 Green Ribbon
    Accepted Answer

    Upgraded projects to use a newer version of Oracle client, specifically Oracle 19 client and issue went away. All that was done was point to the new *.dll and executables for Oracle Client.

    No Pro*C changes were required!!