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Is it possible to use WHEN-LIST-CHANGED on forms personalization?

User_BU5N5 Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

I'm using EBS R12

I'm trying to write a personalization for orders form in Oracle EBS. Requrement: When you insert an inventory in shipping tab in lines, the personalization should insert a subinventory automatically. We have a list of inventories for which this behavior should be used, so it will only work for inventories from a select statement, and subinventory is chosen by custom select as well. Seems that form trigger WHEN-LIST-CHANGED would work perfectly here, but we cant use that trigger in forms personalization. I tried using WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD but: doesnt work for some reason, even if it did work, the user wouldn't see the change, unless he saves the form and goes back to check. At this point I'm using WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD to display a warning that subinventory is empty, but thats simply just not enought. Is there a way to use WHEN-LIS-CHANGED by for examle launching a stored procedure from forms personalization? Or maybe custom.pll edit would be required? Any ideas or help would be appreciated


  • S23110
    S23110 Member Posts: 4 Red Ribbon


    When List changed doesn't work with Form Personalization or custom.pll.

    You can use sequence of personalization as call when validate record when user enters the inventory, and call the procedure from personalization to select the value and assign the returned value to the field of subinventory.

    For this you have to populate the field on form instead of populating the database column.



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