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Validation error messages with html codes?

AllenS. Member Posts: 82 Blue Ribbon
edited Jun 1, 2021 8:09AM in APEX Discussions


We have a validation wherein when errored out, we would like to display a message with a link for the user to click.

However, it seems that APEX renders any html codes in the Error Message field as text.

Is there anyway to do this?

APEX Version: 21.1

Validation Type: Function Body (returning Boolean)

Error Message: This account already exists. If you are the owner of this account, click <a href="f?p=&APP_ID.:13:&APP_SESSION.::NO::P13_BANK_ACCOUNT_NUM,P13_BANK_PARTY_ID,P13_BRANCH_PARTY_ID:&P21_BANK_ACCOUNT_NUMBER.,&P21_BANK_PARTY_ID.,&P21_BRANCH_PARTY_ID.">here</a> to claim ownership of the said account.

Display Location: Inline with Notification

Associated Item: ITEM_NAME

Here's a screenshot of the notification.

And this is how it looks like when I inspect the notification.



Best Answer

  • fac586
    fac586 Senior Technical Architect EdinburghMember Posts: 21,579 Red Diamond
    Answer ✓

    I have confirmed the behaviour you are seeing on APEX 21.1, and that it does not exist in 19.2.

    In my opinion this is a bug in 21.1—I know it will break some of the apps I have worked on in the past. If this is an intentional change then it is not documented in the release notes, nor were we given any warning that it was in the pipeline.

    I can't suggest any workaround, however my personal opinion is that a validation error is not the correct way to implement your functionality anyway. I am also concerned that constructing the target URL in that way will not result in session state protection being applied, making the target page open to URL tampering.

    Scott Wesley