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Best Practices for JVM and Memory Management Setting on Forms 12c?

Jessica Boggia
Jessica Boggia Member Posts: 11 Green Ribbon

Hello all,

We have a set of oracle forms and reports servers that run with about 250 users at peak. Recently, we had to up the ulimit parameters server side to fix an issue where the server would become overloaded and node manager would crash.

The server runs RHEL7 and has 64GB of ram. Through the Admin Console I have set heap size on WLS_FORMS to have xmx of 16gb, WLS_REPORTS to have xmx of 12GB and I upped Node Manager to 2GB from the default of 500MB. But I really do not have a clear methodology as to what these should all ideally be set to for our load.

I was wondering if anyone had any resources on how to determine what these parameters should be set to for optimal performance for our configuration. We would like to prevent any crashing from occurring again.

Thank you!



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