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Getting Logo Image sharper and clearer in Forms 11g

Shambo2904 Member Posts: 86 Red Ribbon


I am using Forms 11g and wanted to replace an existing logo within our menu navigator within our Forms 11g application.

The logo is a .bmp file and is around 10mg in size. It needs to replace the the old logo. The item_type of 'image' will ready this new logo from the when-new-forms-instance trigger which has ...


The item_type image has the following properties...

Image Format: BMP, mage depth: Original, Display quality: high, Sizing style: Adjust, width: 71, Height: 35.

The logo doesnt appear sharp and is difficult to read as it has the logo and writing of the company name within it so I need it to be as clear as possible. The original logo.bmp is sharp and clear but when placed within the image and displayed in the application its not very clear at all. Any ideas on how I can make it really sharp and clear and readable?



  • Michael Ferrante-Oracle
    Michael Ferrante-Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager USMember Posts: 6,627 Employee

    First, BMP formatted images are really not appropriate for modern Forms versions. Your best result will come from using GIF, JPG, or PNG. Further, by design Forms attempts to reformat and compress the image when do "READ_IMAGE_FILE". The reason for doing this is so that, in your case you won't be sending a 10M file to the client, but rather something much smaller. Of course this means the quality is sacrificed. So, starting with a more modern format might help to minimize this issue.

    That said, in v12 significant improvements were made around displaying images. One such enhancement is the ability to show the image in its full, unaltered format. This can also be accomplished programmatically when using READ_IMAGE_FILE.

    This new feature even offers an option to expose GIF or JPEG in "native" without making any code changes IF the image item is already configured/coded to declare the format GIF or JPEG. Refer to the details regarding these two new v12 Environment Variables:


    More information about features new to v12 can be found in the product documentation and this Tech Paper:

  • Shambo2904
    Shambo2904 Member Posts: 86 Red Ribbon

    Hi Michael

    Thanks for your response. Unfortunately the customer is still at 11g Forms so will have to use 11g features for now.

    So you recommend I save the image as a .JPG? What wold I select as the image format in this instance as JPG is not in the Image format list.

    And what about the read_image_file command thats being issued...

    read_image_file('logo.jpg','JPG','control.d_logo'); ??


  • Michael Ferrante-Oracle
    Michael Ferrante-Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager USMember Posts: 6,627 Employee

    JFIF is the same as JPEG (JPG). If you decide to use JPG, I strongly recommend that you not use JPG compression when saving/converting the file. If you do, you may have image quality issues and/or not be able to display the image at all.

    I guess it is important for me to mention that the continued use of Forms 11 or older is not recommended. These versions are no longer entitled to Error Correction Support. Therefore, bug fixes and even new security updates (if needed) will NOT be made available. It is very important that organizations have a plan to update/upgrade regularly. V11 was released 10+ years ago. V12 was released nearly 6 years ago. This is an extremely long time in software terms.

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