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Authorization tokens given 401 errors after APEX 18.2 upgrade/API migration

Ed S
Ed S Member Posts: 90 Blue Ribbon

FYI - I also posted this in the APEX group as well:

In our TEST environment we recently upgraded our ORDS environment from version to 18.2.0.r1831332. At this time our secured APIs continued to work. Shortly thereafter we upgraded our APEX environment from 5.1.4 to Within APEX upon accessing RESTful Services I was presented with the the message that our existing APEX APIS were in read only mode, but would continue to be accessible. Any subsequent changes would require us to register the schema within the new APEX version and stated that once the existing APIs were migrated to the new version the old version would no longer be accessible. I went ahead and registered the new schema and imported our existing APIs to the new version.

 At this time the APIs, all using secured Authorization Tokens, gave 401 errors. Thinking that the tokens needed to be recreated/refreshed I went ahead and recreated the clients and re-associated the API, approved the request and received the new Authorization Bearer token. However at this time I still received the same 401 errors. I have verified that the role assignments and privileges have all been done correctly.

To summarize, we upgraded ORDS from 2.0.10 to 18.2 and no problems were encountered. Upon Upgrading APEX from 5.1.4 to 19.1 and registering the schema secure API's give 401 errors, be they imported from our existing platform or recreated from scratch. Any help would be appreciated.

This is what has been working in the past and does not work now:

curl -i -k -H"Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" https://xxxxxx.xxxxxxx/xxx/xxxx/hr/employees/

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