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SQLcl 21.1 with Oracle Cloud Always Free

Kim Mertens
Kim Mertens Member Posts: 45 Blue Ribbon

Hi all,

I've been testing with the "Always Free" database.

Importing all database objects and setup data takes up around 30% of the database storage.

Once I start importing my APEX applications with SQLcl the storage occasionally spikes up.

Importing the first few applications goes well.

In a certain application (containing only 10 pages) the import seems to generate a lot of data in the database.

The database storage is completely full (20 GB used) and I can't undo it.

Tried dropping the APEX applications and even workspace.

Dropped and created the database again and everytime the same result.

When downgrading to SQLcl 19.4, the previous version I had installed, it all works fine.

Anyone else has/had this issue and knows a solution?

Kind regards,

Kim Mertens