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XE 18C Backup and Restore

I am testing the Oracle 18C Express DB. I installed it on Windows 10. How can I backup the DB? I have no knowledge of Oracle as a DB. Thank you


  • Billy Verreynne
    Billy Verreynne Member Posts: 28,280 Red Diamond

    There are 4 basic choices.

    RMAN - the official database backup s/w for Oracle databases. Complex, but can recover up to the last seconds when it and the database are used and configured correctly.

    Data Pump. A PL/SQL interface that spawns database server processes that exports/imports data to/from a file system accessible by the server. It also has external o/s executable client programs that provide an easy o/s command line interface. A good choice for use for XE.

    Import/Export. Old style command line external client programs that can import/export data across the network. Also an XE option.

    Manual hack. Identify all database files of the database. Parameter file, control file, redo log files, data files, and temp files. Write an o/s script that shutdown the database, make backup copies (with dir structure included) of these files, and then restart the database.

  • user7386330
    user7386330 Member Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon

    Hello Billy,

    Thank you for your answer

    Is it also possible to restore a single table in these ways?

    Tank you

  • Billy Verreynne
    Billy Verreynne Member Posts: 28,280 Red Diamond

    Yes - Data Pump and older Export/Import can do a single table. These are very flexible command line tools and ideal for o/s scripting of batch processing.

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