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Task-flow showing up as empty when used as a region in jsp page

User_B0ERC Posts: 4 Employee
edited Jun 15, 2021 9:24AM in JDeveloper and ADF

Hi ,

I have a bounded task flow (imageLOV.xml) which has two fragments in it ,when i am trying to insert this as a region in a popup in other page and run it , the popup is not displaying the region in it . But in the design editor of jdeveloper upon insertion of taskflow in the page, i can see a greyed out area of task-flow in it. But when i run the page , the page loads up empty.

Jdeveloper version :

Code of the task flow:(imageLov-flow)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<adfc-config xmlns="" version="1.2">

 <task-flow-definition id="imageLOV-flow">

  <default-activity id="__3">addImage</default-activity>

  <input-parameter-definition id="__2">

   <name id="__1">currentEmpId</name>





  <managed-bean id="__15">

   <managed-bean-name id="__17">imageUploadBB</managed-bean-name>

   <managed-bean-class id="__14">tuhra.view.backing.ImageUploadBean</managed-bean-class>

   <managed-bean-scope id="__16">pageFlow</managed-bean-scope>


  <managed-bean id="__18">

   <managed-bean-name id="__21">defaultImageSelectionBB</managed-bean-name>

   <managed-bean-class id="__19">tuhra.view.backing.DefaultImageSelectionBean</managed-bean-class>

   <managed-bean-scope id="__20">pageFlow</managed-bean-scope>


  <view id="addImage">

   <display-name id="__12">Upload a New Image</display-name>


   <train-stop id="__4"/>


  <view id="setDefaultImage">

   <display-name id="__13">Default Employee Image</display-name>


   <train-stop id="__5"/>


  <task-flow-return id="lovDone">

   <outcome id="__6">





  <control-flow-rule id="__8">

   <from-activity-id id="__7">*</from-activity-id>

   <control-flow-case id="__10">

    <from-outcome id="__11">finish</from-outcome>

    <to-activity-id id="__9">lovDone</to-activity-id>






Could you please help me out with this?

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