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Reverse Engineering Model using Custom Transformation script

Hi. I have created a Custom Transformation Script which reads data from an Excel sheet and generates a relational model. However i need to make changes to logical Entity and Attributes name as well along with the Physical names.

I am not able to generate the Logical Model once the components are created in relational model using a TRANSFORMATION SCRIPT.

Please help how can a logical model be generated using a custom transformation script.

Also is there a way to update User Defined Properties (UDPs) for created Tables and Columns



  • Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
    Philip Stoyanov-Oracle Member Posts: 3,407 Employee


    if you have relational model created the you can engineer it to the logical model - no need of transformation script.

    Changing the names of entities, attributes, tables, columns, setting values for comments, notes or/and other properties - it's better to use search and report functionality to generate Excel report then you can edit it and import it back to the original model.


  • User_GQB1C
    User_GQB1C Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

    Thanks Philip for a prompt response. But as per my requirement, i have a sheet which provides Physical or Logical what table or column needs to be added or modified in the DM. For your reference -

    The Logical Name mentioned in the sheet needs to be the name in Logical Model. I wanted to achieve generation of Relational along with Logical model in a single Transformation script. Is there a way to generate Logical model directly using Custom Transformation Script?