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JCE cannot authenticate the provider SunJCE

User_S4FJF Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

we use WAS85 in our project with java 7 version. Recently jdk version on Websphere has been updated to java 8 . Post this Patching, we are getting below error when application is trying to encrypt data. Provider we use is SUNJCE. Application is able to add the SUNJCE provider but getting error at Cipher desCipher = Cipher.getInstance(DES/ECB/NoPadding, SUNJCE);

Error: JCE cannot authenticate the provider SunJCE.

Our Application refers to a jar named say A.jar in which it has reference to sunjce_provider.jar.

Tried adding sunjce_provider.jar under folder under jdk1.8.../jre/lib/ext on application server and adding SUNJCE Provider name in under jdk1.8.../jre/lib/security as well.

Any suggestions on How to resolve the issue?