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APEX instalation

User_1BDBY Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon
edited Jun 24, 2021 2:51PM in APEX Discussions

He their, I have some question about apex installation.

Operating system Oracle Linux 8.2

I have apex 21 downloaded from Oracle and I have preinstalled database 19c. I have two different PC one with database 19c second OS equal first which I want to use for Apex 21. On first OS was setuped client for database 19c . How I can install now apex in second PC and connect he to the databse on first PC. I finded  manual  but  I have errors then I want to run @apexins.sql APEXS APEXF APTMP /i/ ORA-06550 PLS-00201 "sys.dbms_db_version"

Thank's for helping and terrible sorry for my english.