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Migrating 6i to 12c - Menu

SandyM Member Posts: 53 Green Ribbon

Hi , I'm migrating oracle forms 6i to 12c (linux), In 6i we have maintained everything under menu, user application and support application utility under the single form , we open support application utility by passing the menu name as below

C:\orant\BIN\ifrun60.EXE module=IBA_menu.fmx menuname="BSUPPORT"

So I'm trying the same in 12c by passing menu in URL but menu name is not getting passed as parameter. I can see many menu paratemeters has been deprecated in 12c. Is there any way i could pass the menu name ?


Best Answer

  • Michael Ferrante-Oracle
    Michael Ferrante-Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager USMember Posts: 6,803 Employee
    Accepted Answer

    Unfortunatly, I have no idea. Without personally knowing your application, the specific symptom, or what you have or have not tested, I can't offer much. In short, you need to debug your application. The only generic thing I could imagine is that your code is looking for a case sensitive value in the parameter and that differs from what is being passed in.

    A simple and helpful test would be to add a MESSAGE to the WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE trigger and show the value of the parameter. If it comes back blank/null I would assume what you entered on the URL is spelled incorrectly. For example are you sure "menuname" is not "p_menuname" or something else??