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.model.local file is not creating for all models


I am using SQL modeler (datamodeler- - This version used to create a .model.local file for a design under the design folder as below.

Folder : <Design_Folder>\rel\3447B779-BA51DA66EB81\

File : 3447B779-BA51DA66EB81.model.local

For few models, the SQL modeler created this file but for a few, it is not creating.

I am looking for information on why this is not creating for few models and this inconsistent nature.


  • Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
    Philip Stoyanov-Oracle Member Posts: 3,353 Employee


    I see thievery is fine with two designs you provided. It's a setting at design level and property is "Model Persistence" - for design name "model1" it set to be "Model in one file" and objects for each model are saved in single file for that model. For other design that setting is "Model in many files" and each object is saved in single file - that is default and should be used together with versioning.