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Using Batch Size Parameter in OIM Custom Scheduler 12c.

USER_JO Member Posts: 25 Red Ribbon

Hi All.

I have an OAM-OIM-OID 12c integrated environment running on Oracle database 12c.

I have got a requirement to create a scheduler that modifies some ldap attributes of user in OID periodically. Everything is working fine, scheduler is created, it is modifying the specific set of attributes in LDAP just fine. But the only thing that need to be done is to implement a Batch size task parameter for the scheduler.

I have to modify the custom scheduler to add a "Batch Size" task parameter that accepts an integer value based on which the iterations will be performed in the scheduler.

For eg: If there are 2000 users whose some attributes need to be modified in LDAP, the loop in the scheduler will be running 2000 times. but i want to break it in chunks using the "Batch Size" task parameter, such that if its value is 500 (say), then the scheduler's loop will run 500 times at once, then again for next 500 users and so that in 4 iterations of the scheduler, all 2000 users will be updated.

I tried to look a lot for the use of batch size parameter....but not getting any good resource.

Can someone please explain a bit about how the scheduler will iterate 4 times so that with a batch size of 500 and total of 2000 users (500 x 4 = 2000), all the users can be modified.

PS: I understand how to use task parameters in the java code of the custom scheduler, but what i am not getting is how to iterate the complete scheduler once it starts running according to the batch size.

Thanks in advance.