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Getting the "System.AccessViolationException" ,Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is

Hello support,

I Installed the oracle 12c client version of 12.1.0 and got the Oracle.DataAccess.dll( use this Oracle.DataAccess.dll getting the above error at the below line.

DataTable _table=new DataTable();

      _table = _reader.GetSchemaTable();

Not facing the issues in below cases:

case 1) If i installed the Oracle 12c client version of 12.2.0 got the Oracle.DataAccess.dll(

case 2) If i installed the Oralce 19c client version 19.0.0 got the Oracle.DataAccess.dll(

in these 2 cases i'm not facing the issue.

All theree versions are 32 bit and x86 platform.And i tried by changing to any cpu also but result is same.

also tried the by re-installig but no use.

Can you please help on this why i'm getting the error .and how can i proceed further.