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How do I open text files with VS Code and execute them against an Oracle database?

I have installed Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code and connected Oracle Explorer to my database.

I want to open code files with various file extension and execute the SQL or PL/SQL in them on the Oracle database.

I have added these file associations to VS Code so VS Code is recognizing the files:

I open a pck file (File/Open)

and hit run Run without Debugging and get

How can I execute it?

I am using

Version: 1.57.1 (Universal)

Commit: 507ce72a4466fbb27b715c3722558bb15afa9f48

Date: 2021-06-17T13:28:32.912Z (1 wk ago)

Electron: 12.0.7

Chrome: 89.0.4389.128

Node.js: 14.16.0


OS: Darwin x64 20.4.0

Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code 19.3.4

Thank you,

Andrew Bloss