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User_RA4BO Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I am currently attempting to submit a concurrent program from a pl/sql block that itself is being run as a concurrent program. However the call to submit_request would returned a request_id but nothing happening. It was ok to run that concurrent program from application though. Below is my statement , I do have 1 parameter (p_file_name):

P_file_name := ‘134354.dat’;

x_request_id := FND_REQUEST.SUBMIT_REQUEST('XBOL','NHT_INV_FILE_MOVER','','',FALSE,p_filename);

Once job complete x_request_id = 19750613 but I don’t see it in concurrent program list


  • Sylvain Martel
    Sylvain Martel Member Posts: 742 Silver Trophy

    Hello User,

    Which EBS release are you using? Are you using the System Administrator responsibility navigator menu option Requests - View (not View - Request from the File-Edit-View-Tool... menu)?

    Have you called apps_initialize? Have you called fnd_request.set_org_id?

    My working example is a bit different:

      ln_request_id := fnd_request.submit_request (
        'SQLAP',            -- Application Short Name
        'XXAPEX_INV_IMPORT', -- Program Short Name 
         null,             -- Description (optional)
         null,             -- Start Time null indicates start now
         false,            -- Sub-Request (default is FALSE)

    I'm using null instead of ''. Not sure if it has an impact. This code is not called from another concurrent program also.

    Hope this helps!