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Is it possible to remove/deinstall JDK that is installed with Oracle Client 12c

RameshSagar Member Posts: 53 Red Ribbon

Hi Team,

Apologies if this question is under wrong thread. I tried searching for related group, but couldn't find one.

Software: Oracle 12c Client Software

Machine: Windows Server 2019

Information: We have a Oracle Client 12c installed in Windows Server. We had opted for runtime installation and I believe it has installed everything that comes with the package. Now, we have been asked for the necessity of JDK that is found during the server scanning and remove if not required under the path:



We had to install the Oracle Client 12c for the communication between our .NET application and the Database server. I think JDK within the Oracle Client 12c is being used for SQL Developer.

Note: .NET application we have doesn't use/require JDK in anyway.


1) What is the use of JDK that is there inside Oracle Client 12c if my understanding(italic sentence above) is wrong?

2) Is there way to remove the JDK that is there within the Oracle Client 12c? Also, we do not use SQL Developer.

3) If possible to remove without affecting the client software, please share the steps.

3) What is the impact on communication between Oracle Client and Oracle Database server if JDK is deinstalled/removed?