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lb genschema for a partial schema

Johannes M
Johannes M Member Posts: 56 Bronze Badge


In an Oracle E-Business Suite databae one had usually a single schema "apps" containing 10.000ands of objects of various types (code, not so much database tables, those reside in other schemas).

95% of those are Oracle seeded, but if you develop customizations you need to put your own code into this schema as well with a name of XX%. Custom tables usually go into a dedicated schema with an XX% name.

I'd now like to use sqlcl liquibase to manage those customizations. For the custom schema that seems easy with the lb genschema command. But how can I handle the custom objects in the apps schema? I was thinking of writing a custom wrapper calling lb genobject for the 100+ custom objects one after the other and then spooling together as well a controller.xml but that does not sound good.

Is there any better idea/solution that I seem to be missing?