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Dealing with slashes inside URI patterns

User_2QRXH Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Hello, I'm needing to create a db driven faux filesystem of sorts, and I figured ORDS would be great for it, but I'm having trouble dealing with '/'.

I'm simply bringing my path in with a {p_path} URI pattern, which works great when I'm just sending a filename to that path, bit when I send it something nested, such as ..


It seems like it is treating the Slashes inside the bound variable as other variables, and it 404s. I was looking around the internet for solutions, and some people on other systems were able to indicate that it was the final or only variable and should be treated as such with a '*', but I get a syntax error when trying to add it into the pattern in ORDS, so it seems oracle doesn't have that capability. Is there any way around this, to allow the pattern to just treat the variable as a regular string without trying to cut it up?