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.NET SP error ORAXE 11g on WIN10

ChrisFisher Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon


I'm trying to recreate old data flow in our test environment - originally with Oracle XE11g running on win XP(I know it's more than mature now).

Code contains one .NET stored procedure. It works when I have it on older OS (XP/Win7), but after installing it on Win10 running that function fails with following error.

select myuser.getValue from dual


ERROR at line 1:

ORA-20100: ODE-00005: Could not create type:

Oracle.Database.Extensions.OracleAppDomainFactory, Oracle.Database.Extensions,

Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89b483f429c47342

ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_CLR", line 243

ORA-06512: at "MYUSER.GETVALUE", line 6

I followed the same procedure on all systems

  • clean install XE DB
  • copy dll ( mscorlib.dll spproj.dll System.Management.dll and my library to D:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\server\bin\CLR)
  • create library object, function and grants for them.
  • grant execute on dbms_clr, dbms_clrparamtable, dbms_clrtype.
  • call the function

Now I get error provided above.

these are .net frameworks installed:

Name                     Version

-----------                     -------

v2.0.50727                      2.0.50727.4927

v3.0                            3.0.30729.4926

Windows Communication Foundation 3.0.4506.4926

Windows Presentation Foundation 3.0.6920.4902

v3.5                            3.5.30729.4926

Client                          4.8.04084

Full                            4.8.04084


I tried 32 and 64 bits windows and XE. I need to recreate for test and upgrade cycle.

Any hints 're welcome.