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How to call the Interactive Grid Save process without Submit Page?

User_HH4U4 Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon

Hi All,

I am creating a page where I call a modal page and it has interactive grid where user can add or update the record. I am taking all updated or created rows into a collection since I need to do the rest of the operations on the calling page which basically calls API and inserts data into the table.

Issue that I am facing is that the IG Save Process is called on Save action which also refreshes the page, but in my case, I do not want to refresh as my data is not yet saved in table and it brings back the old records upon Save.

Though on navigating to parent page and doing further action, the record gets saved successfully but I do not want the user to see the old data on the modal page when he presses Save.

Please guide me how I can call IG Save process without Refreshing Grid.