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Issue with creating VM in Oracle free trial account

I got stuck while creating VM[…]=140591&sh=922161926142671922415068714&cmid=NAMK190523P00163

VM creation is failing with  Failed to provision compute VM for the build executor ocivm. Reason: Could not create compute instance in any of the availability domains. Failed to create compute instance in the availability domain hFsg:US-ASHBURN-AD-1 and subnet vbs-executor-subnet-hFsg:US-ASHBURN-AD-1 Reason: (400, QuotaExceeded, false) Service limit reached. (opc-request-id: E7133566810840AC8F6851BBEC165654/CB4DB0D30C3AD92F4AF2E23152BA7A33/B8A0F2B01043855594CD216DA21EA602)

Failed to create compute instance in the availability domain hFsg:US-ASHBURN-AD-2 and subnet vbs-executor-subnet-hFsg:US-ASHBURN-AD-2 Reason: (400, LimitExceeded, false) The following service limits were exceeded: standard-e2-micro-core-count. Request a service limit increase from the service limits page in the console. (opc-request-id: EABF89ED58664C0D8557CBB467ED1C06/F249E564F82634B178C3E477FA953742/E5BF31216183A5A1D15C34A7431751BA)

Service Limit Page is asking for Paid account

We are getting only 1 default shape in us-ashburn-1 region

A build VM based on the VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro shape will have limited resources (CPU, memory, disk space). We recommend using a VM template with minimum software installed, ideally with Required Build VM Components only.