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Does REF CURSOR also closes on the Server Side when ODP.NET Close() is invoked

User_M80CR Member Posts: 36 Green Ribbon
edited Nov 22, 2021 6:45PM in ODP.NET

Hello Support,

REF CURSOR passed to Stored Procedure on the Server Side from Client Side ODP.NET, which is opened at the Server Side but closed at the Client Side using ODP.NET Close() function call at the end of retrieving data.

Under the above circumstance, will there be any Server Side Open Handle issue due to Handle Leak?

Shown below one snippet from ODP.NET guide for reference and easier understanding :

Implicit REF CURSOR Binding (


Does this Server Side REF CURSOR Handle need to be closed somehow on the Server Side also by calling another complementary Stored Procedure?

Some respective Oracle Documentation snippet will help me better understand the requirements of Handle Closure mechanism.

Best Regards