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Feedback: Documentation for "Deploying Infrastructure using Terraform Workshop"


I've just completed the "Deploying Infrastructure using Terraform Workshop" and would like to provide two pieces of feedback.

  1. The file no longer contains terraform.tfvars per the instructions. It looks like should be modified instead.
  2. An error occurs while creating the compute instance. Searching on the image ID it seemed OK to me (Oracle Linux 7.9) so I tried a few different shapes anyways but eventually let it go.
Error Message: Shape VM.Standard2.1 is not valid for image ocid1.image.oc1.iad.aaaaaaaajlpkjb5lpw36fx2nsxmw7cxle2r5ox7wtj3wcgnvviih6p725jba.

Note that was downloaded per the instructions using:

curl -o