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MySQL 8 and Solaris 11.4, x86

Is there any sign/plans for MySQL 8 to be added to Solaris 11.4 please?

I can see there is a version available for SPARC, but not x86 (on


Steffen Moser

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  • Steffen Moser
    Steffen Moser Member Posts: 138 Bronze Badge
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    While 8.0.27 does compile after doing this little above-mentioned patch, it seems that further reverse patching could be needed. The patch reverses only one piece of this large set of changes which broke the compatibility with Solaris on x86-64:

    What I do not grasp: Why is such a drastic change not announced in the release notes of MySQL 8.0.27?

    They cease supporting one of their own actively developed and maintained operating systems on a still-available server platform and do not mention this in one single word? The only phrases about this change are:

    MySQL now can be compiled using C++17. The following minimum version requirements apply for compiler support:

    GCC 7.1 or Clang 5 (Linux)

    XCode 10 (macOS)

    GCC 10 (Solaris)

    Visual Studio 2019 Update 4 (Windows)

    In particular, on Solaris, GCC is now the only supported compiler. The code has been cleaned up to remove adaptations and workarounds for Sun Studio, Oracle Studio, and SunPro. (Bug #32907274, Bug #103757, Bug #32907475, Bug #32992125, Bug #32992242, Bug #33004840, Bug #33086882)

    Oracle, really? What are you doing? How do you plan to support Solaris at least until 2034 without MySQL (and Java)? How should your users run state-of-the-art and patched web applications?

    Kind regards,


    Andrew WatkinsUser_BS2Q4