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Custom authentication for app builder (or pre-hook)

Jon Finke
Jon Finke Member Posts: 62 Bronze Badge

Running APEX 21, with Oracle 19. For my application developers, we are using APEX internal accounts. I would like to add some additional checks/logging - and possibly an MFA call.

If I go into the instance administrate mode, I can edit the Development Environment Authentication Schemes - and add PL/SQL code before and after the auth call (Pre-Authentication and Post-Authentication) which gets me part of the way there - but I don't see a way of indicating failure (i.e. - bad remote network/host or MFA failure) - I can raise an exception which lands me into a generic error page - not really what I was looking for.

Alternately, if I could provide my own authentication plug in, I could build it all into that - but I don't see a way to add a authentication plug in to the app builder (and documentation on building authentication plug ins seems a bit light - references would be welcome.)