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Interactive grid that use REST source (ORDS) never stop fetching data

Paul Jorstad
Paul Jorstad Member Posts: 69 Blue Ribbon

I have a local ORDS endpoint returning 300 rows of data. I want to use that in an interactive grid, so I set it up in shared compoents/REST data sources. If I test it (Operation / test results) it stops as expected at 300 rows. The SQL used for the ORDS endpoint is:

select level id, 'text' || level text from dual connect by level <= 300

Then I create a page with an interactive grid consuming the REST data source. And when scrolling down, the fetching of data never stops. The rows from the query are repeated "for ever".

If I change the source SQL to:

select level id, 'text' || level text  from dual connect by level <= 100

...the interactive grid first shows the 50 first rows, then start at row 1 again to 100, I.e. 150 rows, but then I'm at least not able to scroll the interactive grid anymore down.

If I change the source SQL to:

select level id, 'text' || level text  from dual connect by level <= 50

...the interactive grid shows the 50 rows as expected and no pagination.

In Ords I have set pagination to 0 (zero) as I don't want any pagination.

Apex 21.1.0

ORDS 21.1